Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I'm interested in getting custom made games. How do I proceed?
Answer: First, you'll need to check out our Development Service page. Take a look at our current designs and see if there are any games you wish to customize. If you have a totally new idea and the budget for a full blown custom development, then contact us and let us know about your idea.

Question: Do you have any references or examples of a fully customized game?
Answer: We developed the Playmate Strip Poker for Playboy's Website. That is one of our biggest project and client. Visit Playboy's Gaming Site to check out the game we made for them. We've got a series of other clients and webmasters using our games, such as Alley Baggett, Devin Devasquez, Bobbi Billard, theBuzz Radio Station, and many others. Contact us if you're interested in seeing other examples.

Question: Do you have a lease gallery?
Answer: Yes, we do. You can check it out at:

Question: What are the benefits of using your lease gallery?
Answer: Because they are an Affordable, Low Cost Solution to getting games as content on your website. You don't have to update the games because we will do it for you. You don't have to pay for the bandwidth because they are hosted on our server!

Question: What if I just want to buy a specific game. Can I just buy it?
Answer: Yes. You can buy specific games by viewing our product pricing page. It lists all the various games available to buy. You get a permanent license to use the specific game on your site. Each model is a separate game.

Question: Do you have any games that I can change the images myself?
Answer: Yes. Our Breakout game and Crackdown game, allows you to change the reward images for each level whenever you want. The reward images are external to the game engine. We will also be making available the Slider game work with external images. We are currently building a new Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack game that allows you to swap out the images yourself. Email us for details on the status of these games.

Question: Do you have playable demos of your game?
Answer: There are demos in the games gallery.

Question: Do you have anything that is free?
Answer: Yes, we do. Visit for more information. We're currently giving away free custom made jigsaw puzzles. We're also giving away free Slider puzzles. Drop us an email for info.

Question: I'm a Model with my own website. How do I get the Exchange Deal?
Answer: Models with their own website can work with us in getting free games for your website and ours. You will be featured on our eAdultGames website and will receive tons of traffic. View our Exchange Deal for more information. We've done exchange deals with popular porn stars, such as Asia Carrera, and B-movie actresses such as Shauna O'Brien. And various other amateur models such as Sweet Shea, and many others.