Welcome to the homepage of Xtreme Digital Studios (XDS), the company that brings you adult online interactive games. We believe that sex and technology mix well together.


Xtreme Digital Studios is a developer of adult online games. We specialize in customizing games for adult sites. If you are an adult webmaster and you're looking for more content to provide for your members, then consider our interactive games. We have a selection of pre-designed games that can be customized for your web site. All of our games are developed using Macromedia Shockwave for multimedia quality. Choose from Strip Blackjack, Strip Poker, Jigsaw Puzzle, Slider Puzzle, and Memory. (There will be more games coming soon!) If you have a game idea of your own and would like us to develop it for you, XDS can work with you to turn your ideas into high-tech reality.


Interactive games will enhance the service and content of your web site. They are fun and addictive to play. Addiction brings the visitors back for more and more. It helps retain members from canceling. If the game is challenging and hard to win, it will keep the members entertained for hours. Challenging games will give the members a sense of wanting to win for the pure satisfaction of beating a game. This will drive a person to play until they win. If the game offers a reward or the "what do I get when I win" feeling, the members will play until they win to achieve the reward. For instance, in our Strip Blackjack game, the members will strive to play until they have seen the girl fully nude. Multiple ending rewards will make the game replay-able. Since the Blackjack game is very hard to beat, the members will try to play until they win the game and this could take hours (in which case, you can take advantage of the page to rotate banner advertisements).

Moreover, by offering interactive games to your members, they will feel a sense of playing with the model. It gives them something to do other then just click through a series of still images. Since our games are dynamic, every time they play, it will be a different experience each time.


Xtreme Digital Studios seeks to transcend the limitations of the Internet through the development of new adult entertainment technologies. Our mission is to enrich the world by delivering innovative software solutions while providing a wide array of creative original content for the Internet. Currently, we are focused on developing Adult Online Games for adult websites.