Xtreme Digital Studios recognizes that everyone has different needs for their businesses. Therefore, we offer several different product types and payment options for maximum affordability. We hope that one of the products below suits your preference. If you are interested in acquiring games from Xtreme Digital Studios, please contact us at products@xdigitals.com and specify the product type that appeals to you.

If you are customizing your own Strip Blackjack and/or Strip Poker, please view our instruction pages listed below.

Blackjack Instructions: http://www.xdigitals.com/bj_instruct.html
Poker Instructions: http://www.xdigitals.com/sp_instruct.html

Product Type 1:     Pre-made Games

What You Get: You will recieve one full version of a pre-made game that you can use on one domain. Pre-made games are perfect for individuals who don't have access to their own content.
Cost: See Product Pricing for more details.

XDS Games Distributed by Xtreme Digital Studios Cost
Amateur Strip Blackjack $200 per game
Amateur Strip Poker $300 per game
Jigsaw Puzzle $200 per game
Slider Puzzle $50 per game
Memory Teaser $50 per game
Extreme Strip Blackjack $400 per game
Extreme Strip Poker $500 per game
* Add $50 per game type, to customize the title bar to fit your site design.
* All games are for 1 domain usage only. Add $50 for each additional domains.

Product Type 2:     Free Games

Looking for freegames? Visit http://freexgames.net

Product Type 4:     Exclusive Games (Custom Developed)

What You Get: An exclusive customized version of any game(s) of your choice. According to the licensing agreement, each game is for use on one domain only. Additional copies for multiple domains are subject to extra fees. The exclusive version is royalty-free. Currently, the following Shockwave games are available: Strip Blackjack, Jigsaw Puzzle, Slider Puzzle, XMemory, and Strip Poker. Each game has at least two different versions, characterized by varying options and prices. We also offer discounts of 30-50% when you order five or more of the same game type at one time.
What We Get: See cost
What You Provide: You will provide us with monetary payment in accordance with the price list below. You must also provide us with photos for the game(s) and the URL where it will be hosted.
What We Provide: We will edit the images and provide as many customized exclusive games as you are willing to pay for. Depending on the version ordered, various options are available for each game. For example, in the Premium versions of Jigsaw, Blackjack and Poker we will create a separate scaled-down preview version for the non-members area.
Cost: Anywhere from $50-$5000 per game. See Development Service for more details.